What Our Clients Are Saying

"Force Multiplier’s leadership seminar left our team confident that what they learned will make a difference in both their personal lives and their careers." 

- Jeff Hopler, Owner, VisionThree

“The Leadership workshops that Force Multiplier has done for us have proven to be of value on several levels. For our new senior management team, it generated camaraderie, trust and an appreciation for the workload each team member carries. The organizational tools, training on developing efficient work habits and focus on goal achievement will help each of us to better manage those workloads, enhance team communication and improve results. By the end, we learned that doing the "important"  work wins over the doing the "urgent" work and that "urgent" work gets reduced with greater planning, communication and efficiency.“

-Bennett Grove, Owner, Fire Dawgs

"The leadership skills our team has attained through working with the Force Multiplier team are immeasurable. Force Multiplier helped our managers develop into leaders who now take ownership over their departments." 

- Rob Skaff, Owner, Dinotte